The Silicon Void Kickstarter is Live!

Hi everybody – we just launched on Kickstarter! I’ll be posting updates on the Kickstarter page itself throughout the month with more tidbits about the design, story, art and music of the game. If you’re excited about Silicon Void, please spread this link far and wide! This is a niche… Read more »

Expanded Silicon Void Demo v0.2.0 Available + Kickstarter Announcement

Silicon Void v0.2.0 is now available at! In addition to a wide variety of bug fixes and usability improvements, this expanded demo adds lots of new content: Dive into the galactic communications network Explore the City of Intersection, a failed Senescent colony Meet the hive minds who vie for… Read more »

Designing Silicon Void’s Combat, Part 2: Critical Eye

Last time, I described how I designed Silicon Void‘s turn clock in response to what I perceive to be flaws in Chrono Cross‘ combat mechanics. In this post we finally leave Chrono Cross behind and look at a mechanic that has an entirely different inspiration. Besides the upcoming enemy turn… Read more »

Designing Silicon Void’s Combat, Part 1: Clockwork

Since the main selling point of Silicon Void (play the demo!) is the combat system, I wanted to spend some time digging into the rationale behind its mechanics. Two general principles guide my thinking about turn-based combat: Every action you take should have multiple consequences, allowing novel scenarios to emerge from a limited… Read more »

Chrono Cross Mechanics Pt. 5: Odds & Ends

In this final article on Chrono Cross combat mechanics I want to touch on various Element effects that aren’t related to directly dealing damage or healing. With such a large mechanical “surface area” there are numerous opportunities to design situationally useful abilities that let the player and the AI manipulate the… Read more »