Demon Thesis
is an experiment in episodic gaming that ran from 2011-2012. Updating on a webcomic-ish schedule, the game consisted of JRPG-style talking head cutscenes alternating with new game levels. Gameplay resembles a streamlined tactics RPG, with zero randomness and all notion of experience points & inventory items stripped out. Character & party development was determined by a weekly community vote. I'm happy with how the central gameplay mechanic turned out - elemental spells that force you to change the battlefield in order to deal damage - and some other parts I'm less happy with. I hope you like the puns.

The old leaderboards and playthroughs by users who submitted their scores are still visible (click the arrow by each battle), but new account registrations & score submissions are shut down. Many thanks to the hundreds of people who tried out Demon Thesis over its lifetime. - Chris