Expanded Silicon Void Demo v0.2.0 Available + Kickstarter Announcement

Silicon Void v0.2.0 is now available at https://doctorshrugs.itch.io/siliconvoid! In addition to a wide variety of bug fixes and usability improvements, this expanded demo adds lots of new content:

  • Dive into the galactic communications network
  • Explore the City of Intersection, a failed Senescent colony
  • Meet the hive minds who vie for control of the Galactic Rim
  • More abilities, more enemies, more research projects, and a new boss fight!

Also, the Silicon Void Kickstarter is almost here – we’ll be launching on the afternoon of August 1st (Pacific Time)! I hope you’ll support the game’s developing by backing the project and spreading the word. For the latest updates you can follow the game on Twitter or Facebook.

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