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SMT Liberation Dx2 Impressions

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I’ve spent some time over the last few days looking at Sega’s new Shin Megami Tensei-branded mobile game, SMT: Liberation Dx2, and I have some scattered thoughts… A MegaTen flavored take on the Puzzle & Dragons free-to-play formula was inevitable. Mashing monsters together to make new stronger monsters is the… Read more »

My Quiet Year

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Here’s what I’ve been up to since the Silicon Void Kickstarter failed last August: I did some contract work for Spry Fox, who kindly employed me part-time for six months while I looked for my next long term job. I found my next long term job with Tactile Entertainment, a… Read more »

Welcome Back, Blogger

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I have needed a new website for a while. Here be it! Though I’m proud that my homemade blog/RSS solution on Gigaville actually held together for 10 years, it should have been taken out back and shot long before now. The new site serves a few purposes: Hosting this blog,… Read more »