Welcome Back, Blogger

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I have needed a new website for a while. Here be it! Though I’m proud that my homemade blog/RSS solution on Gigaville actually held together for 10 years, it should have been taken out back and shot long before now.

The new site serves a few purposes:

  • Hosting this blog, a real blog with WordPress and everything, where I intend to infrequently post some long-winded analyses of JRPG combat systems
  • Moving my old projects to a sensible archival location (see sidebar), with prominent commentary to let new viewers know I am adequately embarrassed by how they’ve aged
  • Motivating me to produce new stuff, e.g. the aforementioned long-winded JRPG combat system analyses
  • “Consolidating my personal brand” because that’s what “Millenials” do, “apparently”

Gigaville.com will redirect here for another year or so. I suggest switching over to the new RSS feed, though.

Also, if you are responsible for one of the bazillion links to individual Last Days of FOXHOUND comics on TVTropes, you may want to update those or they will eventually break – and in 5000 years, when the TVTropes database is the only source of information on 21st century culture, no one will know about my contributions to society.

My first real post, in which I attempt to convert my seething hatred for Active Time Battle into a halfway professional critique, is forthcoming.